About The DSCP

Concussion Management in Missoula Area Sports:

  Dylan Steigers Concussion Project


Dylan Steigers was a Missoula Sentinel alumnus who tragically passed-away May 2010 after a traumatic brain injury suffered during a spring football game at Eastern Oregon University. In Dylan’s honor, Peak Performance Physical Therapy has launched the Dylan Steigers Concussion Project non-profit organization. This project provides a resource for the medical community, coaches, parents, and athletes alike to learn more about concussions in hopes that we can minimize the effects of concussions as well as provide the most safe and efficient guidelines to return athletes to school and their sport activities. The DSCP (Dylan Steigers Concussion Project) aims to Educate, Test, and Protect Missoula athletes at all levels. The DSCP has designed a baseline and post concussion testing program using computer based neurocognitive testing, balance testing, and visual tracking tests to help better assess suspected concussions in athletes.

The Dylan Steigers Concussion Project promotes testing of athletes prior to any injury in order to establish a baseline of brain function, balance and visual tracking. Then should an injury like a concussion occur the athlete can be retested with the same concussion assessment tests and the results can be compared to that athlete’s baseline testing, thus allowing medical professionals to get extremely valuable information about the severity of the brain injury. The DSCP baseline testing includes a neurocognitive computer baseline test (measures player symptoms, verbal and visual memory, processing speed, and reaction time to 1/100th of second), balance testing, eye tracking baseline test, and concussion awareness education. Most importantly the initial baseline screening makes the athlete aware of the potential threat brain injuries can cause and the importance of reporting a problem if it happens. They are now in tune with their body and now know to ask for help right away when things don’t feel right. With concussion management “knowledge is power” and in some cases it can be life saving.

The Dylan Steigers Concussion Project has been very active in the community. They have teamed up with Sentinel and Hellgate, and Valley Christian High Schools to test most upcoming fall athletes. The DSCP has already tested the Missoula Maulers, Missoula Phoenix, UM Lacrosse team, Missoula Youth Hockey Association, Missoula Free Style Ski Team and numerous Missoula individual athletes and are looking forward to assisting additional athletes in concussion management. The Dylan Steigers Concussion Project is also passionate about education. The DSCP has already been a part of several Missoula educational seminars for the Missoula medical community and has plans to continue its concussion awareness in the Missoula community. Please contact us if we can be of any assistance to you or your athlete, your team, or your organization.